Product Safety

At Carousel Designs, we're committed to helping parents create the perfect nursery for their babies, without making any compromises. Nothing is more important to us than the safety and comfort of the babies and children who use our products. We want all of our customers to feel 100% confident in the baby bedding they purchase from us.

ensuring we provide the best for your baby's nursery

We have almost 30 years of experience in the baby bedding industry. Since 1988, our design and production teams have constantly innovated to create the safest, most durable products for babies and toddlers. We do extensive testing to ensure that all of our products meet or exceed the highest safety standards, including those mandated by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

We use only the highest quality materials and raw goods in manufacturing our products. Finally, all of our bedding is made right here in the USA — in our factory based in Douglasville, Georgia.

satisfaction guaranteed

If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase from Carousel Designs, you may return it for a full refund or store credit. If you choose to return the item, please let us know and we will provide a Return Authorization Number.

safety tips

We encourage you to educate yourself on how to create a safe environment for your baby. Below is a compilation of pertinent safety information related to our products and your baby's nursery.

Baby's Nursery

  • Use low VOC paints for your baby's nursery. Traditional paints contain volatile organic compounds also known as VOCs. VOCs are comprised of a variety of chemicals that can adversely affect your health.


  • Place your baby's crib far away from windows and anything that could fall in the crib.
  • The finished crib should be completely sturdy and fully assembled.
  • The slats should be no more than 2-3⁄8 inches apart
  • Place your baby on his/her back on a firm, tight-fitting mattress in a crib meeting current safety standards.
  • Any item placed in the crib increases the risk of suffocation — make sure that you do not cover your baby's face with any item (i.e. blanket, comforter, etc.).
  • The CPSC states "Bare is Best" with regards to anything placed in the crib.i

Crib Mattress

  • Do not place baby on a waterbed, sofa, soft mattress, pillow, or other soft surface.i
  • Be sure the mattress fits the crib perfectly against all four sides. The firmer the mattress, the safer.
  • Do not use hand-me-down or secondhand cribs in which the mattress may be different from the one designed to fit the crib.


  • Consider using a sleeper or other sleep clothing as an alternative to blankets, with no other covering.ii
  • If using a blanket, position baby with his/her feet at the foot of the crib. Tuck a thin blanket around the crib mattress, reaching only as far as the baby's chest.ii

Crib Bumpers

  • The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends against using any excess soft bedding in the cribs (to include crib bumper pads). The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) recommends that if you use bumpers, do not use ones that are thick and pillow-like. All bedding items offered by Carousel Designs are available individually (à la carte). So, we make it easy for you to buy only the bedding and nursery items that you need/want.
  • Position ties on outside of crib and be sure they are secure. Trim off the excess if needed.
  • Remove bumper when child can sit up unaided or can pull to a standing position.

Crib Comforters

  • We do not recommend the use of comforters during sleep time for babies who are younger than 12 months. For younger babies, they can be used as a tummy time mat, etc.

Crib Sheets

  • Only use crib sheets that fit snugly and securely on the crib mattress.
  • Make sure crib sheets fit snugly on a crib mattress and overlap the mattress so it cannot be dislodged by pulling on the corner of the sheet.
  • Never use an adult sheet on a crib mattress; it can come loose and present an entanglement hazard to young children.
  • Carousel Designs' crib sheets have deep pockets and reinforced stitching so they should last throughout multiple washings and rigorous use.
  • Carousel Designs' crib sheets have elastic all the way around in order to ensure as snug a fit to the crib mattress as possible.

Crib Rail Covers

  • Fasten the rail cover to the crib rail securely using the attached ties.
  • Crib rail covers are designed to give extra padding and protection to the top of the crib rails, but are not intended as a safety device.


  • Securely attach the baby mobile to the crib and ensure it is out of your baby's reach.
  • Remove the mobile once your baby can sit up.

Decorative Pillows

  • Do not put any pillow in a crib or near an area where an infant may sleep.
  • Pillows are a decor item only and are not intended for an infant's use.

Diaper Stackers

  • Never attach a diaper stacker to a crib.


  • If you put your baby to sleep in a playpen, leave out the soft bedding — like comforters, pillows, extra padding and pillow-like toys. These could put your baby at risk for suffocation. Use only the mattress or pad provided by the manufacturer.

Baby Monitorsiii

  • Check the location of corded monitors, including those mounted on the wall, to make sure cords are out of arm's reach of the child.
  • Place cords at least three feet away from any part of the crib, bassinet, play yard, or other sleep environment. If not possible, keep monitors out of baby's arm's reach and be aware that what is a safe distance today may change as the baby grows.
  • If a movement monitor is used, make sure the sensor cords are taut and not dangling to reduce the strangulation hazard. The manufacturer's instructions should show parents how to handle these cords.


more information

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